Matt Vlach

Matt Vlach is a Graphic & Type Designer. Natural findings (rocks, mushrooms, plants, birds, other wildlife), his everyday observations, and cultural motifs like movies, memes, and music heavily inspire his practice. Research, collaboration, experimentation, and speculation are the foundation of his work which focuses on the formation of editorial, type, lettering, identity, apparel, and experience design. Working at: FISK Projects.

Group: an anthology

A book containing poetry, images, interviews, and more. To let the writing maintain primary concentration, the book design thematically references brutalist default aesthetics—using Untitled Serif as the manifestation of this theme.

Cover: White ink on Colorplan Adriatic 175gsm
Interior: 50# Uncoated Natural

Studio: Matt Vlach & Arcades Studio

The Bizarre
Identity, Event Campaign, Lettering
The Bizarre is a pop-up outdoor market experience happening during the summers in Sacramento, CA. Inspired by an eclectic mix of themes, the Bizarre’s identity plays with direction, expressive letterforms, 70s game show colors, diy garage sale signage, and R Street (where the market takes place.)

Studio: Yellow Brick Group

Black Supper

Black Supper is a typeface based in Gothic Textura construction. It is designed to be an image-making tool for graphical impact, utilizing rhythm and proportion.

Initially designed as a tool for The Last Supper society to use in their brand identity, the typeface has a small character-set, but is available for use.

Studio: Yellow Brick Group
Typeface design: Matt Vlach
Available here.

Poster, Lettering

A logotype and poster for Footwerk+++, a show featuring Chicago Footwork legend DJ Earl, plus Bay Area and Sacramento friends. Inspired by Y2K, sweaty dance floors, and Dayglo colors.

Studio: Matt Vlach

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