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I’m Matt Vlach.

I’m an Interdisciplinary Graphic Designer currently living & working in Northern California. My design practice is centered around the creation of conceptually built visual expression informed by research, daily observations, collaboration, speculation, & context. I am interested in working on cultural projects within the art, music, fashion, and educational spheres through editorial, typographic, and experential mediums. Let’s Talk

I am currently working at Yellow Brick Group as a graphic designer, creating cultural experiences, commercial identities, and typefaces. I recieved my BS in Graphic Design from California State University, Sacramento, and studied in The Hague, NL during the Summer in 2018. Full CV available upon request.

My work has been featured on DESK Magazine, Tomorrow Type Today, TypeSpot, & The Typists.

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Community Crate

Image-Making, Activism

Community Crate is a DIY initiative in Sacramento, CA that offers help for houseless people in the community by leaving crates around the city loaded with various hygienic resources. To help them get started, Cole and I designed a poster which can be easily wheatpasted, copied, and printed at large and small sizes. This helped Community Crate to promote the crates as much as possible, in a physical manner, around the city of Sacramento.

Collaboration with Cole Coffroth, who supplied the plant illustrations surrounding the information.