Matt Vlach

is an Interdisciplinary Graphic Designer currently working at Yellow Brick Group and studying Type Design at Type West through Letterform Archive. His work is inspired by various facets of culture—whether that be mainstream, or subcultural... and strives to work within an experimental, collaborative, research driven, and sometimes speculative environment.

With a heavy focus on typographic form, his practice primarily boils down to the construction of books, typefaces, lettering, identities, & posters.

Further Info

GRADUATES-20 (2020)

User-Experience, Art Direction, Animation

The GRADUATES-20 site was created to highlight the work of the Photo, Graphic Design, and Interior Design programs at California State University of Sacramento's Department of Design. An identity and art direction were created that utilizes Sickly and Spring-like themes.

Collaboration with Robbie Landsburg, who built the site from scratch.

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