Matt Vlach

Loud City Song
Installation, Art Direction

Loud City Song is a project that was initiated in The Hague, NL during a study abroad program from June to July 2018. During a week long workshop with my Dutch teacher Bob van Dijk, I recorded and created a collaged video that aims to recycle sounds & iphone videos from the city. In late 2019, my friend Robbie Landsburg and I made an interactive machine out of a paint thinner can (garbage; city ephemera) that lets the user distort, play, and create their own visual/auditory city collage. Arcade knobs and buttons that scale, randomize position, and change threshold of the video clips are all functions for the user.

Collaboration with Robbie Landsburg who coded the back end, and soddered the midi controller with me. Filmed by Henry Plesser.

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