Matt Vlach

is an Interdisciplinary Graphic Designer currently working at Yellow Brick Group and studying Type Design at Type West through Letterform Archive. His work is inspired by various facets of culture—whether that be mainstream, or subcultural... and strives to work within an experimental, collaborative, research driven, and sometimes speculative environment.

With a heavy focus on typographic form, his practice focuses primarily on the construction of books, typefaces, lettering, identities, & posters.

Further Info

Visiting Artists (2019)

Identity, Art Direction

The visual identity for Visiting Artists, Spring 2019. This identity was inspired by ecology, crafts, recycling, and whimsicality. The identity is self-referential, in that various print pieces occur inside of other designs. An example is the brochure shown on the poster. Type in use: Favorit by Dinamo.

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