Matt Vlach

De Spira
Typeface, Book

De Spira is a research-driven revival, remix, and reinterpretation typeface project created during my first term as a part of Type West through Letterform Archive.

Earth School

Currently attending Earth School:
When my body gives out
And my soul moves onto another realm

Featuring typeface revival: De Spira.

Meet Sexy Graphc Designers

Eleven Eleven
Lettering & Identity for Eleven Eleven, a secondhand clothing pop-up shop in Sacramento, CA

Imagination Station
Workshop, Education, Poster

I hosted a workshop on the topic of drawing letterforms from an image-making & expressive perspective. Working with emotions, negative space, object reference, and calligraphy tools, the participants were prompted to draw letterforms based on four prompts.

The workshop focused less on the teaching of one tool, but rather how to let an object, emotion, or tool expression spark a bigger idea.

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